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Benefits of Club Membership

The Pickleball Club is a great way to get involved with this fun sport.
Membership is $25.00 per person annually.

Club members

  • enjoy/participate in numerous Social Events throughout the year;


  • have access to enhancements, such as Court cameras with live camera feed, VAPTRs, Sound System and Grill;

  • stay informed with biweekly concise newsletters and announcements;

  • are eligible to register for monthly complimentary Player Development sessions that utilize industry standard training equipment.  (e.g. Ball Machine, Spin Master, Dink Master, etc.)

  • Have Competitive Event opportunities for a variety of club tournaments including Men’s/Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Whist Doubles, Singles, Queen & King of the Courts and Ladder challenges;

  • Have opportunities for Interclub play with other area pickleball Clubs/players.

The Keowee Key Pickleball Club is a large and active group and is dedicated to all things Pickleball.

To Join the KK PB Club, click here 

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