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Competitive Events


Experience the Thrill of Competition

As a Keowee Key Pickleball Club (KKPB) member, you gain exclusive access to a vibrant competitive scene, where your skills can shine in various events tailored to your preferences and abilities.


Diverse Competitive Events

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your pickleball journey, there's a competitive event for everyone at KKPB. From Men's and Women's doubles to Mixed doubles, Whist doubles, Queen and King doubles, Singles, and Ladder matches, our club offers a comprehensive range of playing opportunities to suit every player's taste.


Brief description of tournaments

  • Men's Doubles (select your partner)

  • Women's doubles (select your partner)

  • Mixed doubles (select your partner)

  • Whist doubles (8 Player Format, The 8 players will play a total of 7 games - each game with a different partner)

  • Queen and King doubles (Mixed Doubles Ladies will draw a random male partner based on similar skill level)

  • Singles Tournament

  • Ladder matches (based on similar skill level)


Play with Similar Skill Levels

One of the great advantages of participating in KKPB's competitive events is the opportunity to compete against players of similar skill levels. We utilize the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR) system to ensure fair and balanced matches, providing an enriching experience for players of all proficiency levels.

Keowee Key DUPR Pickleball Club (Click here.  It's free)


Continuous Improvement

By participating in competitive events and having your scores entered into DUPR, you not only gauge your current skill level but also track your progress over time. This feedback loop enables you to identify areas for improvement and tailor your training regimen accordingly, ultimately enhancing your pickleball prowess.


Annual Keowee Key Classic Pickleball Tournament

We have one large tournament each year in which players from outside Keowee Key are invited to play alongside KKPB members. This is the only tournament that has a small entry fee. Click on the link below to find out more about this year’s tournament.

10th Annual Keowee Key Classic Pickleball Tournament

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