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Chair:  Cindy Fisher    
Vice Chair/New Player Ambassador:  Debbie Lantz
Secretary:  Leslie Walker
Finance:  Tom Beck
Communications: Tom Donegan
Competition:  JJ Jacobs
Competition:  Scott Lincoln
Competition:  Jaye Melanson
Social:  Chris Durick
Social:  Kim Shoulars
Training:  Jim Weinstein
Pro:  Larry Vanderroest
Member Roster:  John Walker
Liaison to the PB Committee:  Alyssa Koontz


Left to Right: Jim Weinstein, Larry Vanderroest, Scott Lincoln, Chris Durick, Kim Shoulars, JJ Jacobs,         AJ Koontz, Tom Donegan, Debbie Lantz, Cindy Fisher, Leslie Walker, John Walker

Not Pictured: Jaye Melanson, Tom Beck

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